Advantages and characteristics of natural granite

Date of issue:2020-06-30 17:52
Granite is one of the commonly used decorative stones. It has rich varieties and various colors, which can highlight the noble and elegant architecture. Natural granite is hard, durable and easy to maintain, which is more and more popular and sought after stone decoration materials.

First of all, granite has a long history and represents nobility and classic. Granite is widely distributed on the surface of the earth and is one of the earliest discovered and used natural rocks. Such as the pyramids built by ancient Egyptians more than 4000 years ago, ancient Greek temples, ancient Indian temples and shrines, and ancient Roman Colosseum. The remains of ancient utilization of granite can be seen in many cultural relics, such as the mausoleum buildings in the Han Dynasty, the grottoes statues in the Wei and Jin Dynasties, and the tomb stone carvings in the Sui and Tang Dynasties. After the founding of the people's Republic of China, the mining and processing of granite have developed rapidly. For example, the monument to the people's Heroes in Beijing is 37.94m high, with a weight of 120t. It is made of granite from Qingdao, Shandong; the group of martyrs in Yuhuatai, Nanjing; and the "mother of the Yellow River" in Lanzhou. These buildings and stele carvings all become the precipitation of culture, and the firmness and nobility of granite are reflected incisively and vividly.

Secondly, granite is rich in varieties and colors. With the different proportion of granite composition, it shows different patterns and colors, which can provide customers with a wide range of choices. The finished products made of granite come from nature, but surpass nature. They are dense and harmonious. They seem to have just come back from the soil. There are traces of prehistoric civilization in the texture trend and texture. However, the overall shape of granite can be described as "modern fashion". It highlights a master design style, which combines honor, elegance and top-level product characteristics Because of its incisive and incisive expression, it is deeply loved by many architects.

Thirdly, the granite is hard and durable. Granite is hard, dense, uniform structure, high strength, hardness, second only to diamond. It is resistant to weathering, corrosion, wear resistance, low water absorption, and is a good building material. Some famous foreign buildings and castles are made of granite. After several centuries, they are still strong and durable.

Fourthly, the granite panel is easy to maintain and has strong anti pollution ability. Granite is hard, corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant, beautiful color can be preserved for more than 100 years, and can also be renovated. Compared with other decorative materials, it has the advantage of one-time investment and lifelong benefit.

Finally, natural stone, non renewable, has a good role in preserving value. Granite as a non renewable resource, the amount of savings is limited, especially some rare granite stone, has been limited mining. Therefore, granite is rare and noble than pottery, porcelain or any other artificial material, so granite decoration can greatly increase the value of real estate.

However, due to the non renewable nature of granite and the limitation of mining costs, the cost is relatively high. In order to pursue the decorative effect of granite, some buildings choose the tiles of imitation stone pattern instead. The pattern and color of man-made ceramic tile which can imitate stone is pressed by mould. The texture of these products is monotonous and repetitive, the color is rigid and lacks three-dimensional sense, which is far from natural stone. And speaking from the use, whether it is the hardness of ceramic tile, acid and alkali resistance, or the cost of use and maintenance, are far from natural granite.

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