Service process
Focus on domestic airport / subway / stone curtain wall domestic granite / imported granite / marble and other engineering projects
Communication & signing
Project contact, understanding intention, material analysis, project evaluation, idea communication, cooperation establishment and contract signing 
design phase
Collection fee, site investigation, in-depth communication, effect drawing, construction drawing, material sample, optimization proposal and scheme determination
construction stage
Stone procurement, stone processing, project management, drawing analysis, construction scheme, technical disclosure, safety disclosure and data management
Post service
Completion acceptance, data filing, establishment of after-sales, regular return visit, and improvement of after-sales
Company profile
Zhongyuan Stone Industry Co., Ltd. is located in Shuitou, Fujian Province, the world's stone capital. It is a comprehensive enterprise integrating mining, processing and sales engineering. With exquisite production technology and high-quality product quality, we undertake engineering projects at home and abroad, and have won the unanimous praise of customers at home and abroad. The company focuses on airport, subway, stone curtain wall, interior decoration, hotel and other large granite, marble engineering projects. The main products of Zhongyuan stone industry are domestic and imported granite, using excellent production equipment at home and abroad - with heavy bridge cutting, infrared machine, line machine, anti shape machine, automatic grinding plate, thickness setting machine, engraving machine, rope binding and other dozens of equipment; supplemented by advanced technology and experience of stone industry - mature and perfect processing technology and production process, th…
Granite series
Marble series
The special

Mine resources

Zhongyuan stone industry footprint all over the world, constantly explore mine resources, and cooperate with a number of mining companies to meet the needs of various owners. Domestic mine resources are all over Jiangxi, Hubei, Inner Mongolia, Fujian, Guangxi and other provinces, while foreign mine resources are distributed in Turkey, Italy and other countries.
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